Bunnyrabbit Program

An introduction to cross country skiing that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and love of the outdoors.  Children will be coached on basic skiing skills through games, group activities and active play, guided by Cross Country Canada’s Bunnyrabbit program resources.

AGES: 4 & 5 (recommended that parents are present at least for first few lessons)  Slider Jackrabbit2007-2

WHEN: Saturday 1:15pm to 2:15pm

DURATION: January 6th to March 3rd

FEE: $45 + LNSC Membership ($40 for children 5 years old and under)

RENTALS: Rental skis are available for weekly programming at a cost of $60


We ask that a parent be present with their Bunnyrabbit participants at least until they are comfortable.  Having parents involved will allow us to keep the group moving in the cold weather, one on one support is often needed for new skiers.  Ski rentals are available for parents.  You may learn something too!  If this is not possible then please let someone know at registration or the first day of classes, so we can accommodate with extra assistants.

The goal of this program is to introduce participants to an “Active Start”  and the early development of fundamental movement skills which increase physical literacy.  An increased physical literacy is linked to life-long participation in physical activity.

Weekly activities calendar coming soon for the 2017-2018 season.

Wonder what your children should be wearing, this guide Dressing for Cross Country Skiing may help


Volunteering is an important part of any amateur sport.  In order to continue to allow our club to grow and improve we need the support of all our members.  Use this link to see volunteering opportunities







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