Directions from West: While traveling east on Hwy 17, take the “East to Sudbury” ramp just after the town of Lively. (the opposit direction will say West to Lively). This East to Sudbury ramp will bring you onto RR 55 which is a 4 lane divided Hwy. Take this Hwy all the way into Sudbury passing Copper Cliff and once in Sudbury, RR55 will also be known as Lorne Street. Turn right 1 set of lights passed the first Tim Horton’s on the right; this will be Martindale. Keep right as you go over the tracks. A couple hundred meters down take the only left, and then follow the road to the right going up a hill. Continue until you come to your next set of lights, and yes, another Tim Horton’s. Go straight through these lights and you are now on Walford Rd. At the next set of lights, turn left onto Paris. Then turn right at Science North which is now ramsey lake road, now follow the map above.

Directions from East: While traveling west on Hwy 17, continue straight along missing the 17 bypass, and all the way into Sudbury. You will end up on the Kingsway. You will know it’s the kingsway by all the car dealerships. As you approach downtown where the road starts to bend, stay left and get into the first left hand turning lane you see (this is the 3rd set of lights in a short distance). This is Paris street you just turned left onto. Continue on this road until you see Science North and then follow the red line on the map above.

Directions from North: Coming down Hwy 144, go through Chelmsford, then Azilda, and on to Sudbury. At the overpass which lets you chose to go to Lasalle or Downtown, pick Downtown. This should be over the bridge and continue straight. Continue all the way through downtown until you get to the set of lights at Paris street where you want to turn right. You’ll know this street by the large mall on your left and the Bus terminal and LCBO on your right. Continue along Paris street until you see Science North and then follow the red line on the map above.

Directions from South: Come up Hwy 69 until you get to 4 corners (Southridge Mall will be on your left, and Plaza 69 will be diagonally opposit that). At this intersection, turn right onto Paris. Continue until you see Science North where you will turn right and follow the red line on the map above.

Google Maps: We are now on Google Maps!,-80.9688272,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4d2efff84455a421:0x63dc93031d54346d!8m2!3d46.4603043!4d-80.9666385