Trailblazers/Racing Rabbits

Trailblazers (suggested age 4-7)
Mission - to create happy, healthy families through outdoor play, community and the sport of cross country skiing

Racing Rabbits (suggested age 8-11)
Mission -
 to provide a fun and challenging opportunity for children to explore basic principles of aerobic training on foot and skis

Vision - To create a community that plays hard and works hard together in the outdoors and on skis


  • To have an inclusive community that works together with respect and for the benefit of the greater good
  • To use Cross Country Canada, Long Term Athlete Development and Fundamental Movement Skills as guides to work creatively in promoting healthy living
  • To support our local cross country skiing and fitness community as well as our regional, provincial and national cross country skiing community when possible
  • To provide experiences for youth and families that will enhance the quality of their lives and give them skills for life.

Fall 2017
- Thursday 4:30-5:30pm Location TBD as season progresses
Winter 2018– Monday and Thursday 4:30-5:30pm in addition to Saturday Jackrabbits (1:30-3:00pm)

Cost -
$80 program fee (includes registration in fall (Trailblazers or Racing Rabbits) AND winter (Jackrabbits session)). All participants must also hold a Child/Youth ($35/$50) Laurentian Nordic Membership.
Total cost $115-130 (for 2017-2018 session running September-March)

Practice Structure Fall
Participants grouped into two groups (Racing Rabbits or Trailblazers)
-10min – Warm-up game
– 40 min – On the trails with structured or unstructured activities (goal to be moving with intervals of moderate to vigorous activity)
– 10 min – cool down trying to incorporate at least one other fundamental movement skill
Practice Structure Winter (Time and place TBD)
Winter structure will be same but “bush time” will be replaced with “ski time”

Goals of the Program


  • Host 2 weekend challenges
  • Kids understand effort (Zone 4 and Zone 1)
  • Kids understand different aspects of fitness – strength, cardio, flexibility
  • Stretch every practice!!
  • Challenge parents to lead a part of workout or practice
  • Create a parent community that can actively socialize and workout while Trailblazers are out


  • Attend 3 ski races or loppets (1 or 2 local and 1 or 2 away)
  • Send 5 skiers to participate at Midget Championships in North Bay
  • Create a kilometre tracking board
  • Ski and play on skis every day to work on FMS


Alison Godwin
Helen Loiselle


Volunteering is an important part of any amateur sport.  In order to continue to allow our club to grow and improve we need the support of all our members.  Use this link to see volunteering opportunities



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