Situated on the Laurentian University campus, our full network is comprised of approximately 9 km of interconnected trails (including ‘Soccer’ and ‘Stadium’ loops).

If you meet Bob (Hanson) on the trails, say ‘Hi’!  Bob’s a dedicated volunteer who puts in many hours year-round in trail development and maintenance and he’s always interested in hearing feedback!

In-Season Trail Conditions:

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Trail Difficulty Levels:

  • ‘Gully’ Loop:  INTERMEDIATE
  • ‘Shed’ Loop:  EASY
  • Wall’ Loop:  INTERMEDIATE
  • ‘Sofie’s’ Loop:  DIFFICULT
  • ‘Extension’ Loop: INTERMEDIATE
  • ‘Soccer’ Loop:  EASY
  • ‘Stadium’ Loop:  EASY


Click on the links below for detailed map information:

Full ‘in-forest’ trail network (8km):

  • Includes ‘Gully’, ‘Shed’, ‘Wall’, ‘Sofie’s’ & ‘Extension’ loops

2 km Loop:

  • Includes ‘Gully’, ‘Shed’ and ‘Stadium’ loops

3.5 km Loop:

  • Includes ‘Gully’, ‘Shed’, ‘Wall’ and ‘Stadium’ loops

5.0 km Loop:

  • Includes ‘Gully’, ‘Shed’, ‘Wall’, ‘Sofie’s’ (to cut-off only) and ‘Stadium’ loops

7.5 km Loop:

  • Includes ‘Gully’, ‘Shed’, ‘Wall’, ‘Sofie’s’ and ‘Stadium’ loops
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