LNSC Policies and Procedures

COVID-19 Policies – NEW FOR 2020-2021

Facility Access COVID Policy

Grooming COVID Policy

Trail Work COVID Policy

Skill Development Program COVID Policy

Policy Related to COVID Cancellations

LNSC enacts a number of policies relating to Club operation, and subscribes to a governance policy of transparency. To learn more about specific policies, click on the appropriate title.

INDEX: Policies and Procedures

1.0 – Ontario Cup Expenses

2.0 – Code of Conduct  (Part A, Part B)

3.0 – National Expenses

4.0 – Conflict of Interest  (Part A, Part B)

5.0 – Quality Assurance

6.0 – Complaints

7.0 – Volunteer/Staff Screening

8.0 – Criminal Background Record Checks of Volunteers and/or Employees  (Part A, Part B, Part C)

9.0 – Equitable Access

10.0 – Respectful Working/Program Environment  (Part A, Part B, Part C)

11.0 – Cold Weather  (Part A, Part B, Part C)

12.0 – Missing Skier

13.0 – Concussion Management

14.0 – Disposal of Surplus Equipment

(NOTE: We are experiencing technical issues which currently prevent us from posting our policies and procedures as downloadable/printable PDFs on our website. We are working on resolving these technical issues. Until the problem is fixed, and in the spirit of transparency and accountability which governs LNSC’s operation, you may still view Club policies and procedures as JPEG files. Thank you for your patience.)


Policy Index

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