Please DO NOT park along the roadways. This is a fire route and is clearly marked with signs. If you park there, you WILL get a ticket.

PARKING Update for Members

External community Laurentian Nordic Ski Club members are required to attend at the parking office located in West Residence (W-120) with their zone4 receipt indicating they have paid the current year membership. 

Laurentian University parking office hours are Monday to Friday (9am to 4:30pm). Members will be required to provide their license plate number, and will be issued a parking hang tag for the Stadium Lot for the sole purpose of using the ski trail (a three hour maximum will be enforced). The passes will be valid from the first day the trails are officially opened for skiing, by the Ski Club, until the last day the trails are being maintained, by the Ski Club, after which time all stadium ski passes will no longer be valid. Passes issued for the stadium lot are valid for a period of 3 hours at a time.

While parking in the designated location, the hang tag must be hung from the rearview mirror in front windshield, registration number forward with the entire face of the permit visible. The capacity of the Stadium lot is 12 vehicles and therefore in the event the lot is filled, members will be required to park in Lot G located at the Ben Avery Gym area and pay the applicable pay and display fee ($2/hour to a maximum of $8/day) which is enforceable from 8 am until 10pm Monday through Friday.

Special Exception for the 2023-2024 Season: Payment will not be required in the pay and display on weekends or after 5 p.m. during the week day between Dec 20, 2023 to April 1, 2024 . No overnight parking is allowed. At no time will vehicles be allowed to park along the roadways, bus turn around areas or fire routes and these areas will be strictly enforced.

Use of the hang tag will confirm you will abide by the parking rules and regulations. Laurentian University will not be held responsible for any loss (including contents) or damage to motor vehicles or personal injuries, however caused. The hang tag remains the property of Laurentian University and is not transferable, not for duplication, reproduction or resale. Any abuse will result in the cancellation of the parking permit.

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