Volunteering is an important part of any amateur sport.  In order to continue to allow our club to grow and improve we need the support of all our members.  Here are a some of the areas which we need volunteers.


Programming –

-Become an instructor or assistant

-Helping with special events and weekly activities

-At the start of lessons help getting kids onto the trails by helping with skis, mitts and poles

-In the chalet help with hot chocolate, snacks or activities going on

-Rental equipment and ensuring all children have their gear

-Administrative support

Trail Maintenance –

-Help maintain trails in off season

-grooming trails in winter

Events –

Nickel Loppet, Family Day Free Ski, OFSAA, High School Races




-Snack Bar

-Set up and take down

Waxing –

-Help maintain rental skis

Photography –

-Take pictures at events or during programming

Stadium Chalet –

-Help with trail passes and rentals

-Bulletin Boards


Promotion and Communication

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