Trailblazers is a dryland + ski training program for athletes who want more than Jackrabbits or Track Attack programming through the school year.

Training Day: Monday/Thursday 4:30pm
Training Location: Laurentian Nordic & Kivi Park
Cost: Participants must hold a Laurentian Nordic membership ($45-60) and a Kivi Park Pass if over the age of 11 ($50) and in addition pay a program fee of $100.
Expectations: All participants should own their own classic ski gear
Start Date: Sept 15 2023

Trailblazers (ages 4-9) begin dryland training in September, continue with skiing when it snows and will move back to land-based activities in the spring for an 8-month program that introduces them to the basics of training and skiing.

Older participants (age 10-14+) typically train more often than once a week through the fall (Monday & Thursday) and up to 3 times per week in the winter season (Monday, Thursday & Saturday). They may try local and regional training camps or races under the guidance of the Club coaches.

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