COVID-Cup Week 2 Update

Congratulations to all those who took up the challenge week 1.  Some very young racers (less than a decade old) and some very experienced participants (more than seven decades on earth), worked their way around a hilly course.  Some elite athletes even turned Gore’s grind into a skiathlon by doing both classic and skate races on the same day.

Week 2: Buchanan’s Blast sprint race  (Jan 30 – Feb 5th): start and finish is the same. Course also does not complete the full wall loop, instead follows the “wall to wall” short cut, on the left at the top of the wall hill and down the slingshot.

Course: shed loop, wall hill, “wall to wall” short cut (turn left at the top of the wall), down the “sling shot” towards the finish.

Format: warm up, go to the start, start timing, ski the course, stop timing at the finish, slowly ski back to the start (within 10 minutes of finishing lap 1), start timing again, ski the course a second time, stop timing at the finish, cool down, enter your time into the google forms survey.

Week 2

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