Membership Registration Now Live!

Greetings Sudbury Skiers!

We hope the summer has treated you well but as the temperatures drop and the rain starts to change to snow, we start to think about ski season! An important first step in getting ready for another (hopefully!) snow filled winter with fresh corduroy and perfect tracks is to get your membership.

Registration is now live on Zone 4:



Bunnies/Jackrabbit registration is NOT open yet (coming soon). Memberships ONLY.

Trailblazers/Racing Rabbits registration is open.

Para-Nordic registration is open.

Early Bird pricing ends Dec. 14


We hope you will join us this winter! Happy skiing!

Thank You

P.S. Step two would be to make sure you have all your equipment figured out. Don’t forget about the Ski Swap and Open House this coming weekend at Walden Cross Country Fitness Club. More info here:



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