Trails & Chalet Update – Jan. 12, 2018 @11:30am

It ain’t pretty out there on the trails!
Upon closer inspection of the trails we are advising that ONLY EXPERT skiers should hit the trails today. The rain did a lot of damage and there is a lot more water on the trails than we thought, making grooming and breaking up the ice very difficult. PLEASE WATCH FOR ICE!
The Gully Shed Wall are skiable but rock skis are also recommended. A bypass around the entrance of the Wall is available as the entrance to the Wall Loop is currently underwater. Skiers can ski backwards on The Wall Loop and take the Wall-to-Wall Shortcut over to the Wall Loop and continue in the correct direction.
Sofie’s, The Extension and Lake Bennet are all CLOSED.
Furthermore, chalet is only open 10-2 today. Good day to wax your skis!
Apologies for the inconvenience but we need some fresh snow again in order for conditions to improve.
Thanks and be safe!
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