Coaching Licence and Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualifications

If you have made the awesome decision to help coach this year at Laurentian Nordic, here is some info on required coaching certifications.

1.)  CCC minimum mandatory coaching qualification
I have attached the policy. Below is a brief translation:)
Assistant: does not need any qualifications
Leader: needs ICC
Assistant: needs ICC
Leader: needs ICC AND CC
Track Attack and junior teams (ages 9 – 16)
Assistant: needs ICC and CC
Leader: need L2T Dryland
Programs 17 years and older
No training required
For ICC and CC workshops, coaches as young as 14 years of age can register
For L2T and higher, coaches have to be 16 years of age.
2.)  Coaching Licence
Before a coach can lead a group, he/she has to register for the licence. Please make sure everyone has registered.
Questions, just contact me.
Katja Mathys
CCO Coaching Development Co-ordinator
746-Hwy 124, GMB Box 3
McKellar, ON, P0G 1CO
(705) 774-0713
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