JULBO Eyewear – Discount for Skill Development Program Participants

We are working on having program registration open soon! In the meantime, pick out some new glasses!


As CCC’s official supplier of Eyewear, JULBO Canada is pleased to offer significant discounts to CCC’s Skill Development Programs’ participants.

Registered SDP participants benefit from a 25% discount on the following JUNIOR models:

  • Luky
  • Lily
  • Turn
  • Player L
  • Extend 2.0
  • Reach L


  1. The discount is available to each SDP participant registered for the current year.
  2. A coupon code will be communicated to SDP participants parents by the club SDP coordinator. The coupon code is valid up to June 30th and renewed thereafter for the new membership year.
  3. The coupon code may be used multiple times but is reserved for registered club members. Please do not share your coupon code with non-members in order to preserve this benefit.
  4. Visit https://julbo-canada.ca/collections/junior and look for models showing the CCC logo
  5. If you are looking for more detailed technical specifications you can find the info on Julbo International website: https://www.julbo.com

NB: Julbo-Canada’s website is currently only available in English but translation is in progress. Julbo International website is fully bilingual.

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