Trails Update

The stadium, soccer field, shed loop and extension loop were surface scarified on thursday morning, gully loop and wall loop were scarified on tuesday afternoon. skate skiing on stadium, soccer field, shed loop and extension are fair, gully loop and wall loop are skiable but very firm and Sophie’s loop is firm, bumpy and ruttted. Classic tracks on stadium, shed loop and soccer field are firm and icy in spots, classic tracks on gully, wall, Sophie’s and the extension loops are old, weathered, firm and icy. Overall the trails are skiable but conditions are variable, some areas and sections of trail are in fair condition while others are icy and rutted. There are several secitons that have suffered from segnificant melting with wet, narrow and bare spots. Several different groups, classes, teams and individuals skied on thursday.  Fresh classic tracks will be set where conditions permit, likely stadium, shed, soccer field and wall loop return from soccer field. 

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