Blueberry Hike Results

Hello Blueberry Hikers! Sorry for the delay on the results but here they are….

Best 1km weight: 492 gm Sherri Gregory
Best 1km time: 36 min Maxwell Quickfall

Best 2km weight: 1093gm Keegan Cook
Best 2km time: 80min Carlos

Best 4km weight: 1158 Cher Richer
Best 4km time: 96 min Julie Roy…

Best Blueberries per kilometre
11.7gm/min The Labreque family with 4 kids in tow.
Honorary mention: 10.2gm/min Cher Richer and 10.0gm/min El Jackson

Thanks to all who came out and joined us for this event! It was a beautiful day and great way to start a weekend.

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