Trails Update – Jan. 24 @11am

ALL trails have been freshly GROOMED and TRACKSET this morning.

ALL trails are in GOOD condition.

Beautiful day! Get out there!

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Trails and Chalet Update – Jan. 23 @11am

Groomers were out this morning. ALL trails (Sofie’s, The Extension and Lake Bennett have been reopened) have been packed and groomed for skating. No track was put in. We are waiting until it stops snowing before we put a classic track in.

Enjoy the snow! Winter is back!

Chalet open 10-4. Rentals available.

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Trails & Chalet Update – Jan. 22 @1pm

Chalet is open 10-4 today and for the rest of the week. Back to regular hours.
We are hoping the expected significant snowfall comes tomorrow, which will really help the trails and should allow us to open Sofie’s and The Extension.
Gully, Shed, Wall remain the only trails open for now. Icy and fast today. Please be careful.
Rentals are available again.
Let’s hope we get a good dumping tonight and tomorrow! Fingers crossed folks!
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Weekend Updates!

Good news folks – Saturday programming (Jackrabbits, Bunnies and Track Attack) is a GO…I repeat…a GO for tomorrow! It’s “Team Sport” day so wear your favorite team’s jersey, hat, etc.!

Ski rentals for the general public WILL be available tomorrow (Saturday) but please know that a lot of the equipment is in use between 12:30pm-3:00pm for our Saturday programming and we cannot guarantee that there will be the proper size equipment for anyone. The decision to allow ski rentals for Sunday of this weekend will be made Saturday night/Sunday morning, so please keep checking our website and Facebook page daily. Snowshoe rentals are available all weekend.

Conditions remain marginal and caution must continue to be used while out on the trails. The only trails that remain open are Gully, Shed and Wall.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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Chalet Closed Today; Open 10am-4pm Friday!

Chalet will be closed today. Chalet Attendant/Program Coordinator is sick and does not want to infect the public with his germs. If you require immediate assistance, please email us at

We will be back at er tomorrow with the chalet open from 10am-4pm Friday.

Trails remain open!

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Trails Update Jan. 17 @3pm

Groomer was out earlier today just smoothing out the small dusting of snow we received. Trail conditions have been upgraded from POOR to FAIR, but still many hidden rock and ice patches. Rentals remain unavailable.

Gully, Shed, Wall, and 1 side of the soccer field remain the only trails OPEN at this time. Sofie’s, The Extension, Lake Bennett and Stadium remain CLOSED.

Some good news however, is that our Saturday programming is a GO for this weekend! We are also hoping to have our chalet back to regular hours and rentals available for the weekend but please keep checking back daily.

Thank You!

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Trails & Chalet Update – Jan. 16 @9:00am


Due to the recent poor and unsafe ski conditions, trail openings and chalet times have been adjusted. Please read below.

Members can come pick-up their buttons, continue to use the wax room and facility as usual.
Day users can purchase day passes.

Unsafe trail conditions for general public.
Ski School groups will not be able to ski but snowshoeing is an available option.
High School teams can continue to train and use the trails but only those that have their own equipment.
Unfortunately, rentals are also not available to the Laurentian University Nordic Skiing class.
Free skiing is cancelled for Parkside members that do not have their own equipment.

High School Prelim race scheduled for Jan. 18th has been cancelled.
Members and day users are allowed to use trails provided they have their own equipment.
Please watch for icy spots and thin snow areas.
See below for detailed trail report.

Gully, Shed, Wall – OPEN (poor)

Sofie’s, The Extension, Lake Bennett, SlingShot – CLOSED


Please continue to check the website and Facebook page for daily updates and changes or email us at for more information.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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Chalet CLOSED Until Further Notice; Trails remain OPEN

Unfortunately we have decided to close the chalet until further notice due to the very poor and unsafe ski conditions. Rentals will not be available until the chalet reopens for business.

However, if you are a member and have your own skis, the trails remain open. SKI AT YOUR OWN RISK! There is lots of icy spots and dirt patches out there so please ski with extreme caution. See below for the latest trail report.

Gully – OPEN (poor)

Shed – OPEN (poor)

Wall – OPEN (poor)

Sofie’s – CLOSED

The Extension – CLOSED

Lake Bennet – CLOSED

Stadium – CLOSED

Soccer Field – OPEN (poor)

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates on when the chalet may reopen and general trail conditions. Thank you to a small team of dedicated volunteers who were out shoveling snow earlier today!

Thank you for your understanding. Hope for snow!GroupShovel1-450x337

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Cancellations and Weekend Chalet Times

Okay to give you a summary of ALL cancellations due to poor and unsafe trail conditions…here we go!

1. No Jackrabbits or Bunnines tomorrow Jan. 13

2. No Laurentian Nordic Invitational on Jan. 14

BUT! The Chalet and the Gully, Shed, and Wall trails will be open Saturday, Jan. 13 from 10am-3pm and Sunday, Jan. 14 from 10-4. Not ideal skiing conditions but its still skiing right?! Please use caution when out on the trails.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience but we can’t control the weather!

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Programming Cancelled for Sat, Jan. 13, 2018

The lack of safe skiing areas for beginner skiers in addition to the anticipated cold temperature means we have to officially cancel Saturday programming.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we feel it would be best. Let’s hope for snow!


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