Ski Equipment Rental

Daily rentals available for 2013-2014 season!

LNSC will have ski equipment available for rental on-site!

Fundraising initiatives have made it possible to purchase new ski equipment to offer rental gear to first-time skiers and members wishing to try new gear. A selection of skis, boots and poles – for either classic or freestyle – will be available in a variety of sizes, for modest ‘day’ or ‘half-day’ rates.

Rentals will be available daily at the Laurentian Stadium Chalet throughout the ski season, 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.


  • LNSC has sets of classic and skate ski equipment for children and adults.
  • Equipment rentals are limited to sizes and lengths available.
  • Users must sign an Equipment Use Agreement and leave a security deposit (driver’s license, credit card or ‘deposit’ cheque with photo ID) for all rentals. The security deposit will only be cashed if equipment is lost of damaged. Renters who fail to return equipment or who return damaged equipment due to negligence will be charged the full cost of the equipment.
  • Equipment must be returned to the Stadium Chalet by 4:00 pm.

Cross Country Ski Rental Fees:

  • Adult Ski:     $ 8
  • Adult Boot:   $ 5
  • Adult Pole:   $ 2
  • Adult Set:   $10      (Weekly rate available: $60)

  • Children/Youth Skis:            $ 5
  • Children/Youth Boot:           $ 3
  • Children/Youth Pole:           $ 2
  • Children (Under 12) Set:   $ 5


  • Adult Daily Trail Pass and Rental:          $20
  • Children Daily Trail Pass and Rental:     $10
  • Family Trail Pass and Rental-2 Adults:  $40
  • Family Trail Pass and Rental-1Adult:     $30

Jackrabbit Seasonal Rental:

  • Full Set:          $50
  • Boots Only:    $20



Rental Agreement (2012-2013)

Rental Fees (2013-2013)

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